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Kazoo Project

Not only does Kazoo Fest start on April 6th (2016), but a project that i’m involved in kicks off the festival!  Know Your Neighbours is an audio/visual collaboration between myself, Jenny “Omnichord” Mitchell, Scott “Shopkeeper” Haynes, and Devon Kerslake.  It will take place at Silence in Guelph right after a screening of Chad Van Gaalen’s “Tarboz” at 8pm!  For more information, check out the Kazoo website here.


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Heartbeat City remix

My remix of “Brophy” from Heartbeat City’s new album Thunder Amongst Us will be peeking it’s head out during the band’s promotional  blitz.  The link above is a “making of” video, and you can go here to hear some songs!

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Bands vs. Filmmakers 5: May 23!

One week until Bands vs Filmmakers 5 at the West End Cultural Centre! I will be debuting an original piece that I composed in collaboration with filmmaker/dancer Freya Olafson. The proceeds of this fundraising event will go to support Cinematheque in continuing to remain awesome well into the future. If you still need convincing, watch this high-intensity promotional video:

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#1 at UMFM!!!

I reached the top spot at UMFM thanks to their awesome DJs! Looking at the top 10, you can see their commitment to playing local music.
#1 at CJUM

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Hovering at #2

I’ve been hovering around the number 2 spot on CKUW for the past few weeks, unable to unseat local heroes The Unbelievable Bargains from the top spot…which is fine by me! Thank you CKUW for the ongoing support!

#2 at CKUW

#2 at CKUW

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This week’s episode of the syndicated radio show !earshot 20 features a Blunderspublik interview.  I’m discussing my new EP of covers of ’90s Winnipeg bands.  If you can’t find a local listing of the show near you, you can also stream it or download it from here:
Thanks for listening!  The new EP Kittens & Shit: Blunderspublik’s Homage to ’90s Winnipeg is set to be released digitally on June 21st by Sfeericle Records, with CD copies to follow shortly after!

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Radio Transmission

In anticipation of my new EP coming out in the spring, I will be stopping by CKUW on Sunday evening to play some tracks on the C.A.R.P. show!

My visit will include an attempt to cover The Bonaduces live…which is a hint for what to expect from this EP that I’ve been so secretive about.  You can stream CKUW online HERE, or just tune your dial to 95.9 fm.
While I have you here – donate to CKUW this week during FUNdrive!!!

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New Bandcamp page

My last full-length “you are the best ever” is now available for download on Bandcamp:

Now you don’t have to download it from sketchy Russian thieves.


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Album Review: The Big Takeover

Matt Lee at The Big Takeover just reviewed Barren Immensity as a part of his top ten list for the month, and I must say, it’s pretty glowing:


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Ssaliva remix

Not only did I remix a Ssaliva song (with two S’s, not the corny Rn’R band with one S), but I whipped up a video for it using hand-processed film footage that I made:

blunderspublik film still

For the remix itself I added a crunchy beat and some analog synth lines to the original sample.  The original Ssaliva song from his album “Sync Thrills” can be found on Vlek Record’s page:

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