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Album available FREE online

Hi fans,

Panospria has released the latest album, Barren Immensity, on their website! Now you can listen online, and download it too, so you can bring a little blunderspublik wherever you go:

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Begin your buying frenzy.

The new EP is now up on the Dub Ditch Picnic store.  It runs about 38 minutes, and the cassette purchase comes with a free download too.

I’ve also added two tracks from the album (Whirlworld and Elixir) to the CBC Music website:



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The Cassette.

I’ve got copies of the new blunderspublik cassette “Barren Immensity” in my hot li’l hands.  That means it’ll go on sale through Dub Ditch Picnic by mid-October.  Of course, if you run into me in the street, i’ll gladly sell you one right then and there.  When it shows up in the Dub Ditch Picnic store i’ll let you know!

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EP at the cassette factory!

Dub Ditch Picnic is poised to release my 6 song cassette Barren Immensity in September, and they just posted 2 tracks to Soundcloud to wet your whistle:

This album is more minimal than previous work, but still dense and layered like you like it.  Leave some comments at Soundcloud if you’re a user there.


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EP out soon!

I currently have a 5 song EP completed that will be released this summer by Panospria online and Dub Ditch Picnic on cassette.  Check back to the blog or the discography page (above) for links!

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8 channels at Ace Art

Show at Ace Art

The life of a solo electronic artist is generally a dark and lonely one. But every year on one magical night, these hermetic anti-social nerds crawl out of their hovels into the natural light and perform an intricate and beautiful musical ritual known as a LIVE SHOW…and 2012 is no exception. This year Andy Rudolph has decided that 2 SPEAKERS is not enough – an audience of this high caliber demands EIGHT SPEAKERS! Aimed right at your ears!
This year’s featured nerds are:

(aka Mike Germain)


(aka Andy Rudolph)


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blunderspublik’s film work

Here are some handy links to past film projects that aren’t otherwise mentioned on the website, in case you’re doing some deep research into blunderspublik history.

Film work:

2010: Wrote and performed an original score to Murnau’s Faust
2009: Collaborated with crys cole on the score of Useless Things
2007: Composed music for Sean Garrity’s film ReOrder
2005: Composed a score for Jack Finkelstein’s short video Wind
2002: Provided music for Jim Pomeroy’s film Chromadance
1999: Provided music for the credits of Sol Nagler’s Doc1.doc

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